bleeding damages by boss 4, 3 or 2 seconds

So i was in elite and after having defeated the final boss , i was toes to toes with his friends.

1 of them killed me with a bleeding attack (very,very, very fast) .

I was 9000 hp.

Can bosses have the ability to reduce dot bleeding time?

Which friends ? the tentacles or the Loghorrean Vanguard heroes ?

Are you sure it was bleeding ? Was your bleeding resist capped ?

Lol sorry it was in valbury (final boss)

My resist were pretty good and i got the 20 % reduction from dryad.

And im pretty sure (not 100% though) , the other alternatiuve would be trauma but i dont think it is that.

This is the very first time i endure this .The animation indicated nothing dangerous.

I know it is Valbury right away. The puddles thrown by the 2 henchmen are not bleeding or poison, it’s a bunch of damage mixed together with a bunch of resistance reduction. That’s why it kills you so quickly.

The only thing you need to do is step out of the puddles. You can lure those bosses to the stair and kill them with ease, check out this video

I already killed them .The thing is the last death i encoutered was in poison nova.

That was the first time i died this way.For your method you can lure the boss but his 2 mates often prefer too stay in middle of the room .

i was obliged to get because they were not willing to come in the stairs.

Just kill them in order: Van Aldritch (easiest) --> Garl (annoying heal) --> the other one

ok thank you.

Ah if it’s in Valbury, the sort of acid/fire pools generated by the counselmen have indeed some resist reduction and various dots in them

You need to avoid them at all cost !

Otherwise pretty much what have been said, slay Aldritch first and then Garl and then the last one

Thanx.But i hate very much valbury i think it’s the last time i go in there.

Sadly it’s the only place you can get Decree of Aldritch (crap drop rate as usual), I don’t like that as well

I don’t feel any enjoyment in this area.Ground damages , ennemies everywhere bumping you ,aether etc…I have a claustrophobia feeling all time and the fact that dyiyng means retrying on another session and lose all progression is pure crap.

I get my flame of valbury achievement now im done.

It could drop the best weapon of all time i wouldn’t go in.

1.65% isn’t all that bad.