Bleeding stacking - 1 quick question

Hey there,

Bleeding and stacking - the old tale.
Just one example: The skill from Bloody whetstone. When I use 2 of them - will the bleeding damage from both decapitations stack?
Whatever the answer - guess the same will be true for Bloodsong proc, etc?


Yes and yes I believe.

Debuffs like the Bleed proc on this weapon won’t stack if you were to dual-wield them. Thankfully, it looks like the majority of Bleed procs that aren’t on 2-handers are attack-based.

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Alright, THX
So, attack-based stuff will stack. And that is? Stuff that procs off of default weapon attacks, para-WPSs?
The all popular bloodsong would not be like that…

Anything that isn’t a debuff e.g. doesn’t have a duration and/or happens instantaneously. Bloodsong’s proc looks like a cleave that deals damage similar to other sources like Whirling Death.

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Ah! Anything that goes not over a period of time (apart the bleeding itself ofc) will stack.
Perfect, Thank you!