Bleeding Warder,need some advice.

Hello there, fellow Community. Luving the game and the community it created :wink:

This is my planned build.

Any tips how to optimize it? Also would love some feeback on Devotions, cause they overwhelm me a bit ;(

This may be obvious, but the Huntress is the premier bleed devotion. Slap Rend on Grasping Vines and watch things just melt away. :slight_smile: Make sure to pick up Kraken if you can, too; it’s beastly for two-handed weapons.

I’ll let people with more experience with bleed builds comment on your actual skills.

Yep, Huntress fo sho. But i mean more like, how to effectively get there.

Falcon + Jackal + Ascendant and Chaos Crossroads (removed after Huntress completion). Falcon Swoop is the other go-to Bleed devotion. Put one on Grasping Vines and the other on Devouring Swarm.

It looks like you want to be a melee-focused Bleed build. Nothing wrong with Savagery in that case, though I prefer Blade Arc (possibly with transmuter). Could also free up points for other reasons:

I consider Blitz, Blindside and Counter Strike generally always worth one point each. Especially Blitz. Veterancy also, but it is a bit meh; I wouldn’t consider it wasted though.

War Cry is great because of the damage debuff. It will be less-than-stellar at 1 point. The range increases dramatically with more points. Break Morale is worth at least 1 for the Disrupt.

Emboldening Roar is usually instantly cast when you summon a Briarthorn. I personally avoid it cause it feels cheesy, but one point in Briarthorn + 12/12 Emboldenong Roar is a powerful buff.

Wendigo Totem is great, Blood Pact less so, especially if you’re focused on damage-over-time.

Over all it’s a solid build, IMO.

Thanks for reply. Yeah, Falcon Swoop is already here. I was just curious how to get to Huntress efficiently and how to optimize my build.
That’s correct, i want to be melee oriented bleeding build. I will reconsider swapping to Blade Arc with transmutter later on and see how it works.
I probably won’t use embodening roar,not enough points, and I already did on my previous build, so I want something different

Finished elite with a sword & board vitality/bleed warder. Works very well. Swarm/vines/falcon/huntress decimate darned near everything by themselves. I watched from using cadence with fighting form to transmuted blade arc and the results were great.

But what did you switch for Blade Arc?

Nevermind, just swapped Savagery for Blade Arc with transmuter (soon +Laceration). And it’s just…WOW! Had my doubts if it will be wort it,but the dps from Blade Arc is just insane.

If I have The Guillotine, I will build like this:

Reason is Dot can crit now and clean sweep + Laceration gives +95% crit damage.
Clean sweep blade arc alone would give > 40k/sec bleeding tick. (with -resist)

I’m currently playing a Bleed/Physical Warder. You can get rend and falcon swoop pretty early, those with devouring swarm and grasping vines will get you through veteran/elite. Savagery with might of the bear is mainly for high HP single target heroes/bosses which will become a problem in Ultimate, you need good single target source of damage, auto attack savagery is pretty good with all the bleeds going on at the same time. Remember to keep it up at all times for might of the bear bonus.

You end up pretty tanky already so no reason not to have it, i wouldn’t use blade arc with transmuter as its another AoE move on a 5sec cd, you want consistent single target damage, pick either overleveled blade arc or savagery, note might of the bear will modify all damage by 10% so all your bleeds will have 10% more damage at the end of the damage calculation, that and the 8% physical resist is imo to good to pass up. Savagery uses less points in a build that already requires to much. - this is my layout, assume +5 soldier, +3 shaman not including +individual skills, I’m missing a few pieces of gear though so i will have to make some alterations until I get the missing pieces. Devotions in set up. Though its possible to get rend/swoop and grab tree of life + behemoth + 3 in obelisk to become a super tank, that and enough in menhirs will and you’ll be unstoppable, i would use malediction relic eith that devotion set up. +1 soldier relic with manticore.

Hope it helps.