Blitz vs. Shadow Strike (animation speed)

Is it true that Blitz’s animation is faster than Shadow Strike

I ask cause I (much like many others here) have successfully dodged and gotten hit by both Maiden and Gonzar who use these attacks

I am just curious if more people can confirm this thing which was brought up originally by forum member: Ceno

Thanks in advance

What is the most annoying with blitz is that you can be stun/freeze/CC during the animation and end up with the skill on cooldown doing 0 damage, which dont happen with SS.

To answer your question about which one have the fastest attack animation, i’am not sure, blitz is really quick to hit so Ceno could be right.

If Blitz has been “cast” then do you mean someone can freeze me midway before i reach my target?

Blitz also has a delay in animation right? Otherwise we shouldn’t be able to dodge Maiden at all

Yep, it happen more often if you do long distance blitz, but can also happen at melee range, especially in crucible when you are swarmed. Actually this situation piss me off, i wish devs implement CC immunity during blitz travel time/animation. :frowning:

It is travel distance which allow you to dodge SS or blitz, basically more movespeed you have easier it will be to dodge blitz/SS, you can even miss your own blitz/SS if your target is running at opposite/diagonal direction (and also have decent movespeed).

If I remember correct, I avoid or break blitz and SS attacks from enemy heroes like boars, undead NB and Fabius by using Olexra’s freeze or by making movement tricks.

SS do get interrupt too. I sometime got trapped by skeleton golem in Crucible at wave 135 and later.

IMO I think blitz approach target faster than SS.

I know it’s obvious but Chaos Strike also shares its animation with SS right? So by this logic even it should be “slower” than Blitz right?

First part of statement is correct you can be CCed when you SS, but only when you appear from shadow (during hit animation time when you are on top of target, or on start before you enter shadows) not during travel time like its with blitz, and thus SS has much lesser chance to be CC interrupted.
Second part is not, SS is much faster than blitz when it comes to approaching target you can find theirs respective approach speeds on toll tip description.

To OP about actual hit animation times Im not sure which one is faster.