A brief(ish) theory crafting question: Given it’s damage type, what is the best way to make Blitz hit like a mother trucker?

Will it still be as effective on ultimate and against nemesis bosses as it is at low levels?
What devotion would you put on it?
What kind of point investment is good before diminishing returns make additional points not worth it?
Best weapon to enhance Blitz?
Synergistic skills?
Best class to compliment a build centered on Blitz?

OK, so that wasn’t so brief.

Krieg set, aether damage.

I usually go 1/1 points in the Blitz tree and I never hit less than my average DPS. On my DK, I used to hit for about 80k when I usually hit 40k with my sword (maximum damage in both, this build was shitty, yeah) - this build used Krieg set. I believe it’s better to go either Fire or Physical, since both have very high RR sources. Aether on a DK has about 68% RR by skills, 20 by Krieg’s Wrath and if you use Mindwarp, you get additioanal RR, up to I think 90+%, and that’s if you really focus on RR. Justice set is way better, because you can get RR from Demolitionist (e.g. 35%), and then 67% from devotions, 8% from ring and you also open your path to get another Blitz. Physical because 25% RR from Occulist (if you choose it), 30 from Soldier (40 if you go 22/12), 32 from devotion, for a total of 87%, which is almost 100% reduction for super bosses (you’re 3% short). You can get another 10% I think from a ring or two, so you can get a massive RR for super bosses and you will (most of the time) shred Nemesis like a monster.

What devotion did you pair with it?