Blizzard absorbs acclaimed Activision studio as a dedicated "support" team

Looks like D2 remastered is in the work.

better start downloading/saving your existing OG copies before Blizz “Refucksforges” them :smirk:


My thoughts exactly.

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Schreier claims that a previous team had been leading the project, currently dubbed Diablo II: Resurrected , but was removed after the team in question fumbled the WarCraft III: Reforged launch.

right, the launch was the problem… not the whole effin’ lowest effort development while overselling the whole thing. i guess i will never really get over it, wish they would just let gog sell the old w3 and move on. the new team has a good track record if activision is willing to let them do their thing fiscal quarters notwithstanding…

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