Block chance on devotion

Very little options. Literally 2… there are like 400 stars, but only 2, both of wich require a heavy investment of devotion points.

Suggestion? Add a 6-4% block chance on tortoise(probably instead of flat health, or DA). It would “scale” indirectly with the reduced physique required, and it would provide an early shield chance for builds that don’t dive that much into Primordial and Order.

Good point but not on the Turtle, please!

Agree, and there’s only 1 block recovery node so a few more of those would be neat as well.
Maybe add them to some of the block focused devotions like Anvil, Targo, Boar and Scarab.

Why not? []

I don’t like it lol.

But I guess it would only be fair to players less focused on endgame. Turtle is pretty good for leveling and not 100% optimized builds.

not all constellations have to be super efficient in endgame. That being said, giving tortoise some block chance would give a stronger reason to keep it once endgame is reached.