Blood of Dreeg question

Every Occultist build I’ve seen uses Blood of Dreeg, I get that it’s a good skill but I hate the idea of having to reactivate it constantly as if it’s a passive buff. I was just wondering, if I decide to go with an Occultist build, would I be unsuccessful if I avoid the skill?

Almost certainly. You miss out on:

  1. A phenomenal heal
  2. OA
  3. Poison and physical resist from aspect of the guardian
  4. %Poison, vitality damage.
  5. Flat acid damage

Needing to recast it every 30s is a small price to pay IMO.

Agreed. I think it’s the main reason you even go for the occultist mastery. Blood of Dreeg and it’s modifier :D.

You will get used to push the skill button after awhile. Also, the duration is 30 sec but you can cast it again after 15 s, so it can work as a mini-healing potion

Blood of Dreeg + Aspect of the guardian has so much bang for the buck!

Don’t forget Curse of frailty + Vulnerability :wink:

You think that’s bad? Try something like Witch hunter, Infiltrator or Deceiver. In all of these mastery combos… You will have 2 skills to keep refreshing every 30 secs :rolleyes:

Bind them to two adjacent keys and press both at once

I have Word of renewal and Blood of dreeg on r and t keys:

rtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrt see it works fine

It’s very easy to reactivate it constantly. Just bind it to mouse wheel up (or down), and occsionally turn mouse wheel in fight. BoD is instant (has 0 cast time), so it doesnt interrupt “combat flow” at all.