Bloodlord swords attack speed

Hello guys!

I would like to point out that both bloodlord swords MI have lower base attack speed on higher item level - starting from lvl 75 speed is changed from 1.99 to 1.93 which is not very big deal but I haven’t notice any similar example like this when you get penalty for higher level MI.

Is it oversight or intended?

Also while waiting for probably last in long time hotfix I cannot resist to ask for some kind of low (20 - 30%) coversion on chaos version of the blade? First and obvious thoughts are fire or vitality.

What do You think Ladies and Gentlemen?

fairly normal trend iirc from GT sightings
especially the initial level ranges/low lvl weapon items have a much higher base speed, i think like a 2h mace can be at 1.6speed then drop to 1.4 on X high lvl towards the end when 90
same with some affix stat ranges, you can see %speed bonuses or %OA/DA etc bonuses have like a 5 range at low lvl, then drop to 3 at 90 with only dmg and resist and “flat” values increasing per lvl range upgrade

Two years of playing GD and there is always something new to learn … :smiley:

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