Bloodrager Warder Oleron's Rage or Primal Bond?

Coming up with a build on grim tools, just trying to decide which is the better route and why?

Thank you

Oleron’s Rage. Stormcaller’s pact is also nice.

Well i suppose there is not a definitive answer : Oleron rage will give you %oa and movement speed, bond will boost your bleeding dmg and grant you some dmg reduction. Assuming that your build is all about bleeding damage i’d personally pick primal bond cause i’m a sucker for dmg mitigation. But it’s all matter of personal priorities.

Damage bonus from Primal Bond is meh. Damage Absorbtion is okay, but for a Warder I doubt you really need it. Bleed builds love big crit so you should either choose Oleron’s Rage for OA or Stormcaller’s Pact if your OA was already stacked.

Well you can squeeze decent OA from gear and devotions.

Appreciate the replies. I think I will go with Oleron’s Rage, get that extra internal trauma as well. I can see Storm callers pack working but just don’t like the idea of pumping points into it, but thats just me being weird.