Bloodrager's Endless Frenzy Feedback

Somehow the set is missing piercing damage in general.

Bleeding works well with piercing.

Many piercing weapons (2h,1h, ranged), skills and devotions are paired with bleeding.

The set would naturally fill this niche if it had piercing instead of trauma or better as an addition :slight_smile:

+1,I agree.

At the same time, please Buff the rare non set legend item of pierce/bleed. (especially OADAs)
I tried to use them to play Rancer-centric pierce/bleed Trickster, but they were so weak that I changed them to Blodrager’s set. Blodrager’s doesn’t support Pierce, but it was stronger than those legendary items.

I am not sure set needs any kinds of buffs. It’s overperforming right now, especially on Tricksters. Hybridtization with Pierce won’t really work imo.

Has anyone tried it for warder? How is it performing?

It’s not. Or better: Not because of any damage on set.

More about this when I am back on PC.

Before buffs min-maxed warder could do 7-8 minutes Crucible. After buffs I am guessing sub 7 minutes or even less considering Z buffed BA on it in the recent nerf hotfix. It’s way more awkward than Trickster since for maximum DPS output you have to use both Savagery and Cadence.

The buffs/changes on Mythical Bloodrager´s Set are very welcome (and even necessary) for endgame play; with other words: Shattered Realms and perhaps even Superbosses (but I won´t try it…).

Everybody talks about “Damage” but if you compare old and new set, you will see, that the differences are really minor. The old set procc was even better for Crucible (I will talk about that later), if not playing 2H; 5 % Crit > 5 % Attack Speed, uptime was 100 % in Crucible, now it might be in campaign, too (important for Boss Chunks).

Where the set really shines are the buffed and new resistances and changes for more survivability. 12 % Physical Resistance is less than other sets have, but now e. g. Tricksters will have about 27 %, which are needed when going deeper than SR 65. The procc on head is nice, but not overpowering and has already been nerfed damagewise.

“But Tricksters now clear Crucible in less than 6 minutes, nerf them!”

Fun fact, they have done so for a long time. Since Nov. 2018. They are now faster, but not because of the (non-existant) huge damage buff, but because of things like Movement Runes, better nodes in Devotions, more Survivability (which leds to more reckless play), changes in skills and, surely, more skill points from Campaign and Set.

And, last but not least, buffs in Crucible with nearly non-existant bleeding resistance and low health of monsters do the trick. Send in 3 waves with Kaisan, Cthonic Ravagers and some Baros Wradliths…would be much fun for Bleeding Builds. :wink:

I think it´s fine. Please don´t see Crucible as META for this set. Let some Bleeding builds enjoy the massacre…FUN of deeper Boss Shards in SR. :slight_smile:

Warder version is quite unpleasant to play 2h. Sustain is horrid

Even with healing on helmet? :undecided:

i mean. Look at this


105 Bleeding Damage over 3 Seconds to Blade Arc

161/242 Bleeding Damage over 3 on base weapon


410/616 Bleeding Damage over 3 Seconds

Guillotine should be stronger. And anhything 2h has, DW or 1h+ shield has as well

Also You can drop sheild on Bloodsong, use a Pitmaster for %WD and get more out of your bleeds, and have more life support. Not as much as shield but still. Feels way better than 2h.

This is true even during leveling. 2h Bleed is painful.

Maybe EoR is better haven’t tried but that’s late game stuff

Bloodsong is overperforming, blood rager just enables it

Mythical Bloodsong got nerfed massively a few patches ago. :wink:

THe 2H-Weapons for Bleeding share the same problems as all/a lot of 2H Weapons. I wanted to try a 2H-Conjurer soon, thought about Mythical Guillotine or Gutsmasher. But I think I will take Rancor, should perform much better. The “old” wepaons maybe need an overhaul, too.

I just beat SR 76 with my Bloodrager Warder so it’s performing well enough I guess :slight_smile:

Thumbs up! :slight_smile:

Do you mind giving me a GrimTools-Link? Really interested because I never played a Warder. :wink:


It’s actually a 2H physical build, doesn’t make much use of the blood damage which is just a tiny fraction of the total damage, but the other stats and procs on the set make it work very well.
I guess it could be performing even better with some skill point adjustments, I haven’t tried using Cadence for the extra damage yet.

But I have to admit that I cheesed the 76 Boss room, one Nemesis at a time was a walk in the park. I guess in a 4x Nemesis mob I would not have survived so easily :stuck_out_tongue: