Bloodsworn Sigil and Corruption of Galgabor

I know he’s still not been added to the game yet but browsing through Grimtools I noticed his MIs and quite frankly I was impressed with what it had to offer. Then I noticed the skill mod and recalled we already had a similar skill mod on a medal - Bloodsworn Sigil

Upon comparing the two it was very obvious Galgabor’s MI was vastly superior to Thalonis’ medal. The problem this causes is this makes Thalonis’ medal’s skill mod (almost) useless as there’s virtually no reason.
One could probably use it in conjunction with Fang or Exterminus for more RR but I’d dare say the combination would be better than Mark of the Forbidden, BoM or Mark of Divinty used in conjunction with Galgabor’s MI

The neat proc, the plus skills and almost twice as fire damage bonus to DB than Sigil makes Corruption of Galgabor the better choice for Fire based DB builds

Here’s Bloodlord Thalonis’s MI

and here’s the unreleased Galgabor’s MI

My fix? I honestly can’t think of anything but Chaos to Cold on Doom Bolt skill mod sounds pretty awesome. Or maybe Aether to Chaos to Drain Essence

Except one is a weapon and another is a medal, two different item slots. What if i want to pick the medal and another different weapon than Galgabor pistol or the opposite, picking Galgabor pistol and some other medal?

Chaos to Cold doesn’t make any sense in either items.

Like I mentioned I doubt Medal+Fang/Exterminus/Warpfire would be better than Pistol + Mark/Mark of Forbidden. That medal slot is pretty useful for some well known defensive items
Overlapping conversions on skill mod on two different items seems odd as well, I expected them to synergize for 100% Fire DB but both are meant for Chaos/Fire DB

Although Darkblaze set seems more focused on chaos damage, to use Darkblaze full set and an Exterminus you wouldn’t be able to use the Corruption of Galgabor so cases like that i think is the reason for the 2nd item slot having the same effect if you wanted to use DB with the vitality converted to fire. But yes I agree there is defensive items in medal slot that make Thalonis’ MI not that great.
And Darkblaze/exterminus pyromancer happens to be my current character build im workin on, can’t wait to be high enough to actualy use them though haha :P.

Galgabor, Gargabol, gobbldygook

Another possible reason is for like an Infernal Knight build with that Korvaak’s Deception relic that requires melee weapon for its ability and still get conversion for DB from the medal. I personaly feel there should be more benefit to the MI though like cooldown reduction for DB would be nice . But then again can get that from dual wield bloodsworn repeaters ( going off topic here with this post’s intent on melee possibiltys)