Bloody Pox, vitality damage and?

Hi all guys,

before all sorry for my english, isn’t my native language.

Ok i’m doing an occultist ranged Bloody Pox caster.
My goal is try to increase a lot vitality and bleeding damage. CoF + Vulnerability as debuff and BP as first damage source.

Now i’m trying to understand which is best secondary class to increase vitality and bleeding damage.

Normally i can see Shaman or Nightblade as suggsted classes but i don’t know.

On Nb i can see Anatomy of Murder as a good buff but it increase blood pox too? I don’t want use melee weapons.

In your experience how can suggest me?

In my experience Bloody Pox doesn’t worth it. It’s not bad for trash cleaning, but that’s it. Won’t do any serious damage against bosses.

Anatomy of Murder should work on Bloody Pox, but I’d go Shaman anyway for Devouring Swarm, Wendigo Totem and maybe Grasping Vines or Corrupted Storm Totem.

What you need to understand first, is that BP is nothing but a secondary/supportive skill, a noob trap, and working around it as a main skill is the road to a glorious failure.

Just pick a random bleed/vitality skill/build, and have the BP proc by an item, for free with zero investments.

Bloody Pox works as a secondary or third damage source with proper items support. It’s main role however is debuffing monsters and spreading offensive procs. This is how it works in my Vitality caster/Doom Bolt conjurer. Maybe you can make some kind of mean Poison caster build with transmuted Dreeg’s Evil Eye and Bloody Pox as an acid source of damage with items like that, that and spice it up with the lucky Conduit of Eldritch Whispers craft. Or just use it with Ravenous Earth as Ritualist.

Well this change some things…

In my moderate experience Bp was a good damage. Yes it need support to kill bosses especially when they are inside a small room but it do his work.

I hate DEE visual effect so i don’t use it, never.
I’ll use surely Doom Bolt and Possession, for now i have just Blood of Dreeg.

Maybe i’ll take Shaman for totems as suggested by Dragon and Lee

I would go with shaman, it’s what I did. Devouring Swarm is just fantastic for pox and the corrupted Totem can add some single target damage.

I will also recommend using the Blood Orb of Ch’thon to convert useless poison damage on Black Death to useful vitality decay.

Edit: don’t underestimate Wasting, the best part of the skill. Try to get it to 22/12 for a delicious -350 to enemy OA (and add Rend devotion for even more)

played around a bit with the calculator,would something lie this with the right items work? melee/caster

Some pointers:

-You can’t take Possession and Harbinger of Souls, one exclusive skill only. I recommend Possession in this case.

-No Curse of Frailty/Vulnerability? It provides resist reduction which is a multiplier to your damage.

-Only one point in Blood of Dreeg? It provides OA, health regen and an on demand heal.

-Why the points in Reaping Strike/Necrotic Edge? Are you planning on using your sceptre for attacks? You have no attack replacer and only a single one-handed weapon. Your weapon damage is going to be struggling.

-Similarly, Solael’s Witchfire/Second Rite provide little for a caster. I recommend picking between melee and casting. Your points here and in Reaping Strike/Necrotic Edge are wasted while you are not attacking (i.e. doing caster things).

-Your gearing choice is odd as well, I get the feeling you were trying to stack % Chance to Hit Vitality/Bleed procs between Abyssal Mask, Fiendscale Jacket and Boneweave Leggings for a sort of gimmicky melee/caster tank hybrid but it will be just that - a gimmick.

oh my mistake with the exclusive skills

forget the gearing,i was just checking the damage

how do i change the attacks in the tool ?

Well you could go nightblade for Phantasmal Blades for max bleeding on a single target or transmute it to aid in the trash cleaning but bloody pox although powerful, is only a support skill since it lacks power against bosses

Grimtools currently doesn’t show sheet DPS for default attacks or skills of any kind.

I think the Dark One Gift set and Mythical Mark of the Forbidden will make it useable even on bosses.

Pox with the dark one set is like you never seen before. For trash - its single target damage is still below average and a single target skill is needed to support it. Something like doom bolt, ravenous earth or acid purge