Blueprint rewards and [Already Learned]

Blueprints that drop from loot are always one that you don’t have, but Blueprint rewards from quests are random and can be one that you [Already Learned].

Why not change it so that the Blueprints from quests are also always new ones?
Blueprint drops are rare. Getting a known Blueprint is a big letdown, a useless reward.

Can the [Already Learned] on known Blueprints be moved to the top, or also show at the top?
Because sometimes at the vendor when Blueprints are on sale, you can’t see the [Already Learned] at the bottom because the recipe is too long. Sometimes I end up buying one that I already know.

Technically, you still drop blueprints you already learned, just the item isn’t displayed when it’s the case. You used to be able to pick up invisible already learned recipes so they would appear in your inventory with the “pick item” key but it’s been patched out.

You can use mouse scroll when hovering the cursor on an item to read all of it’s info if it doesn’t fit in the box.

If the recipe is too long I think you can adjust the scaling of your UI temporarily to view the vendors recipes to see if a new one. Then readjust the UI scaling again after. I think that improved for me with patches though so not sure if it’s needed anymore.

When the window is open on the recipe you can just mouse wheel scroll down can’t you ? Just to check if you already learned it .