Blueprints / Lore pages Suggestion/Question.

Is there a way to see how many Blueprints or Lore pages do I have left to find ?
can you add some kind of bar that fills as we get more lore pages / blueprints.
or something like you have ??? / 100% lore pages / blueprints.
or if there are for exemple 150 lore pages to find I’ll start with 0 / 150.
would be nice much easier to know how many do I have left to find.

would help so much to know how many lore pages / blueprints do I still need to find.
right now there is no way to say how many blueprints or lore pages do I still need to find.

some more achievements like find 50% of all lorepages or find all(100%) lore pages. would be hard as hell to find all tho I like some challenge.

same thing with blue prints.

some achievements like find all component blueprints , weapons , armors , etc…

some achievements like find 10% / 25% / 50 % / 100% blueprints.

Yess please!! :smiley:

I’d love to be able to export a text file of known recipes. Is there an easy way to find that info in the account save files?