Blueprints & shattered realm

maybe its just me and bad luck or missed a patchnote, but … since (or 3 too?) i havent got any blueprint drops from shattered realms (in the 75-80 bracket on ultimate). before nearly every run dropped at least 1 so it feels like a change that isnt covered by rng anymore.

I mean, the more blueprints you have, the lesser are chances of you getting another one you don’t have yet. Maybe you have one left? Or maybe you got them all already?

I just got my first legendary Alkamos’ ring after playing for ~2,5 years. That’s RNG for you.

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im aware of rng and how bad a strain can get. but rng doesnt seem to explain the harsh difference in drop behaviour from pre to post patch mho. at least it looks like the schematics drop logic is a bit diferent from normal item drop logic, e.g a) you only got schematics you havent got already in opposite to items. b) frequency of drops. the char is far away from having all , so i wonder if this is still in the ‘working as intended’ range

Hm, now that you mention it, I suppose was kinda rushed, so maybe something was caught in crossfire? Can’t say anything about drops, really, since I’ve got all of my blueprints quite some time ago.

after some more digging i think the char indeed has all droppable blueprints. Been under the impression that more items could be crafted via blueprints.
So, topic can be closed i guess.

you can straight up check how many blueprints you have Grim Dawn Checklist

as for the drop off, even if you don’t actually have all blueprints yet, there is indeed a pretty significant drop off
i recently made some clean slate character playthroughs (no stash no blueprints etc starting from scratch)
wanting to try out some stuff, one of the areas was SR farm and beginner acquisition friendliness/ease
and, at around the 500 learned blueprint mark, SR went from dropping 2-8 blueprints per run, to spitting out a couple over a handful of runs
ie i went from straight up getting blueprints every cash out to suddenly not a single blueprint on cash out
this seem consistent with the “the more you have the less you get”, i’m just sorta suprised with how starkly noticeable it became right around the 500± blueprint mark
obv i didn’t stop getting blueprints altogether, they just become more sparse and less frequent

this was ofc before 9.4, so can’t actually speak to anything directly to that, but in general it seems like it’s just how it goes
as for full blueprints, on my main saves, i have played for a span of like 4½ years now, and grimtools recently told me i’m still missing 2 blueprints (and not for lack of farming trust me)
so can indeed just be RNG where you go ages without getting a blueprints, i got a grand total of 3 in 2020, and 0 in 2021 :man_shrugging:


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