So, i got a blueprint for Trozan’s Hat and haven’t learned yet because someone at the trade section can be asking for it while that person has a legendary i want.

My question is that until i haven’t learned the Trozan Hat blueprint, will more copies of it not drop? And when i learn it will multiple copies drop?

Although it does not answer your question

Learn the recipe, make the hat and do the trade

The way it works is that if you don’t learn the recipe, it will still be a valid drop. If you do learn the recipe, it won’t drop - instead if rng decides you should get a Trozan’s Hat recipe it tries to roll on the recipe tables again and will give you whatever it gets instead, but it only tries once and if the 2nd also comes back as an already learnt recipe then no recipe for you.

Once you learn the recipe it will not drop anymore for you, unless you delete your entire recipe file in the game folder and start over.

Ok so for trading purposes it is better not to learn recipes it seems.

It seems better to keep it unlearned for the moment then. Thanks for the replies!