Is anyone aware if certain blueprints can only drop in Ultimate? I’m still having no luck with Mark of Divinity. Took me a month and a half to finally get Ulzuins Headgear and like ususal I wasnt looking for it just popped from a heroic chest in elite. Been farming elite nemesis for them but still no luck. I went a purchased every blueprint from all factions to maybe help with drop rates as the game would see that I’m missing Mark of Divinty or this is my tin foil hat theory.

No such thing for Mark of Divinity

Only Ultimate BPs i am aware of are the two sentinel BPs

Unless this website is outdated this is what I’m farming for. Its a legendary medal

I got mine from Elite Fabius nemesis chest. Getting blueprint is just an ass of a chore. I haven’t even gotten half the things yet and they’re already not dropping for me. Nemesis, Crucible, all nothing.