BM dw Constellations

First, let me start by saying I have a DW Spellbreaker who uses swords to go with the Blades of Nadaan constellation. I was initially planning on having my Blademaster go Physique instead and take the Berserker constellation, just to provide variety. However, I’ve recently found some Legendary swords that are perfect for a Blademaster.

So, I guess my question is, should I duplicate the Spellbreaker’s stars, and have a redundant build, or go Berserker and maybe 2:1 Phys:Cunning and go axes?

A third option would be to take BOTH Blades of Nadaan and Berserker, but I’m not sure how that would work. Since I’d have both a sword and an axe, would I get 100% benefit from both constellations at all times, or only when the correct one swings?

My Blademaster is still young enough to make changes, both on attributes and devotions.

Yes you can receive the benefits of both Blades of Nadaan and Berserker at all times, as long as you have a sword and axe equipped in your weapon slots.

As far as items go, you would probably be interested in the Deathmarked set if you’re lucky to find it. The set is meant for a dw build (contains a sword and axe as part of the set), so it is perfect for what you are looking for :).

You can go leviathan on blademaster for sure. I like Oleron better, but I have blademasters with both and honestly the difference is pretty minimal. Oleron is the tankier setup due to extra phys resist and aoe 25% reduced attack speed slow proc

Don’t ever go berserker all the stats are wasted practically. We only need a little lifesteal to function and a tiny bit more doesn’t do much, crit damage is nice, and but all the bleed/phys damage stuff is a huge waste we do almost 0 of either of those damage types. Don’t go BM for bleed build pretty much :stuck_out_tongue: Assassin’s Blade, Assassin (5 points, possibly all), Nadaan, Unknown Soldier, Oleron, Harpy, Empty Throne, and Hammer are 100% standard. We need 8 yellow 5 of which we get from 5% hp node in middle + assassin’s blade + blades of nadaan. The other 3 are a matter of preference. Can go full assassin+bullrush, can take dryad (not needed for facetanking anything but still good/safe option 100% take on HC), lion and whatever with your 2 extra points. Besides that hawk is pretty standard for oa/crit dmg. You can be cute like me and run falcon swoop too. Doesn’t really do much, but it looks cool and I like the sound it makes :slight_smile:

Ass, ass blade, nadaan, soldier, and harpy give us tons of flat pierce, pierce %, and other nice stats on top. Those are your core 5 for sure and you can in no way argue not taking them. I think it’s pretty suboptimal but you could dump tier 3 constellations and pick up whatever else, wouldn’t break the build by any means