Boats and bridges

Anyone against the idea for any reason?

It’s not a question of being for or against.


si les pnj habitants avaient la possibilité de nager ou de faire de petit radeaux se serais bien

Thanks for the info.

well, for fishing a boat could increase the fishing yield, it doesn’t have to be one that can be controlled, just a visual thing… the furniture workshop could be renamed to woodworking house to craft boats for fishing.


That’s basically what I was thinking for boats, as a fishing tech.
Rivers and bridges to cross them feel missing, but it’s very early days.

Please add boats for the fishermen and the fisherwomen.

A fisherman without a boat is a little bit odd.

After all, it’s enough if the boat moves around a bit in the designed fishing area.
It is not necessary to be able to steer the boat.

Bridges are another matter entirely. Certainly very complex and difficult to implement.