Hello everyone, new user here, although I’ve been playing GD a ton for quite a few years.

Lately, I’ve been playing a HC Char wearing Baldir Set and focusing around Bleed and some Physical Damage. For fun reasons and because I love the Judgement skill, I set out to use and maybe even dualwield Boneslicers.

Some observations:

  1. RNG seems to hate me, as the only rare Slicers I found were Of Bestial Rage aka useless. So I looked up in Grim Tools and found that Benevald should sell the axe. He stalwartly refused to sell anything else than Bonescythes though. Has anyone ever found a Boneslicer in his shop?

  2. The item itself could get some love. I’ve been a longtime lurker and have never seen it used or even mentioned in a build.
    I’d like to see some -recharge to Judgement, cause Bleeding Judgement items (well Baldir set…)block a lot of options for this (Targo) or the items convert Phys to Fire/other damage types which doesn’t fit with the Slicer’s conversion. It would make the whole thing feel smoother and help with HoW uptime.
    The weapon could also use some Attack/Cast speed or maybe some flat Bleed Damage.

Looking forward to your thoughts and comments, thanks for reading!

No, we already reported (or at least @ Crate) it as possible bug.

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Thanks for the reply, good to hear! I also saw your build in the Epic thread, looks nice :slight_smile:

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