Bonus items

I want to get the bonus items from the loyalist edition but i don’t want to have to rebuy it is there any other way?

What do you mean “rebuy”, if you bought it, you should have it. Re-buying should not be required.

He meant that he bought basic edition, wanna upgrade if possible…

I asked the same question, Zantai told me that it is not possible at the moment, what you can do is, rebuy(buy loyalist) it (and send the game to a friend) and they will send u a seperate code for extras and enter it from steam or gog and talk the guy in devil’s crossing.

:frowning: that sucks, any got a spare key :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved the ‘digital’ edition, would love to pay the difference for the’loyalist’, joined up here so I could ask if this could be possible.

(Don’t have anyone I could trade with unfortunately)