Boost health regen % on Coven Bloodied Ash

The 3% health regen bonus on this augment is so minuscule as to be nearly worthless. That bonus is supposed to replace something like 8% vitality resist or 8% chaos resist. If we assess the value of bonuses based on what devotion points give, 8% chaos resist is roughly equivalent to 10% to 25% heath regen bonus. So let’s use a nice round value close to the middle, and make the bonus 16% or so.

To be honest even 16% is almost negligible. I’m actually for this change as you wouldn’t normally try and go for health regen on 99% of builds.

I tried making a health regen build recently without completely gimping my character and found that flat health regen on gear is the desired stat. The % boosts do very little for your over-all build. (only just started expansion content so don’t have endgame augments)

I would wait and see how it turns out with FG, afaik crate will change health regen (buff it?) together with retaliation with FG.

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Retaliation is getting Retaliation Added to Attack as a stat.

Healing/regen is getting Increased Healing Received as a stat. It isn’t specifically for Health Regen alone.

Healing/regen is getting Increased Healing Received as a stat. It isn’t specifically for Health Regen alone.

Hopefully this translates into an overhaul of HP regen. I always assumed it was some legacy thing that became obsolete yet was maintained for the illusion of variety.

One specific example of the regen problem that I will always remember is/was a particular variant of the demo Amulet of Destructive Whispers with ~15% (irrc) regen boost prefix for Vindictive Flames:

By itself, the VF regen is poor overall and 15% more on a legendary is just terrible. Initially I got a chuckle from how bad it was, but soon crafting became quite annoying when rng wanted to craft this prefix multiple times.

Crate went through and overhauled most of the useless rolls on the conduits in the last update. I’m actually using that particular amulet and it literally is best in slot for health regen now.

The downside is health regen is still not a great stat to begin with in the current meta. If you fully invest in it your damage output will obviously be pretty bad.

Keep talking about. Find some worse affixes that could use it. Point out specific items that could use some or that have the stat already but should have it higher. I’d love to see health Regen spread around more and buffed to the point that it could be chosen over lifesteal and burst healing to some extent.

There is one main advantage health regen has over lifesteal, in general it isn’t affected by CC effects. If you are stunned, petrified, frozen, slowed your HP will still recover.

In the current game it’s possible to make toons that have 1300-1800 Hp per second without procs or temporary buffs. With all buffs active you can reach 3000 to 3500HP per second. But this usually comes at a price as you’ll trade offense in the process. Still it’s fun being able to run through aetherfire without worrying about “dropping like it’s hot”

But then begs the question. What should be the endgame realistic values for HP regen?
Should toons be able to reach 6K HP regen per second and still have good offense? In a lot of ways lifesteal builds do this already.

I’m not against buffing HP regen as long as it’s not something stupid, I personally don’t think it’s an easy stat to balance and the regen has to be carefully placed on specific defensive items that a lifesteal build would never consider eg Tinker’s Ingenuity

  • 1 from me, i’d like to have some more options to buff health regen. But instead of raising the %, go for flat hp regen, the effect is better. It would be sufficient to change that 3% with 5 flat hp regen like in antivenom salve imho.