Boots of Ill Omens + Gargabol Gun

The gun modifies Ill Omen. Does it apply for the Omen casted from the boots as well?

And one additional question, what determines where you spawn when you start a new session?

  1. I doubt it, I highly doubt it - usually those are just skills that have the same name and effect, but are actually different skills. However, I have no idea actually.

  2. You mean, when you start the game? Usually it is the last node the character was in that difficulty before you last ended the game, though I’m not sure if you need to just be there, or have teleported there, or maybe even talked to someone.

Hmm ok, and does the unmodified Omen from the boots overwrite Omen casted by myself?

Skills on items are completely separate from their mastery counterparts and are not affected by skill mods that affect the mastery version. And both will stack, at least the damage portion.

never mind norzan answered already