Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer

Hyped as heck right now!

I going to wait on this one, after the screw up with Alien CM, and how they screwed that up, and diverted money from it to pump into borderlands 2 (or was it the next one?) I don’t really trust GBX that much. Then there is the issue with the guns, and only a tiny handful been that good, and the rest were complete crap.

I think BL3 has to be something VERY special, otherwise, its not worth my time.

The series, like most, is getting repetitive. I’ll probably pick this up at some point, but I doubt it will be at full price or soon. FG will keep me busy for a good while anyway.

At this point I basically want something that’s exactly like Borderlands but isn’t Borderlands, because yeah the series (and especially the writing) is pretty stale and dated. I’ve heard good things about Warframe and Destiny, but I’ve also heard those games are really MTX heavy and I’m really not about that life anymore.

Rally not impressed with what I see. Its funny that Rage 2 to me looks more interesting than this.

I want a looter shooter. Seeing how there are none I can’t wait to play. And yes I know Division/Anthem/Destiny exist, but they fail too hard to be called actually proper looter shooters.

Also hope they fix the FOV in BL1 Remastered.

Oh lordy, Randy Pitchford will totally f*ck this up, probably by adding a battle royal mode and micro-transactions.

[edit] - Goddamn it Randy, that trailer actually made it look good.

Looks more of Borderlands 2 honestly. Graphics don’t even look improved, they look nigh similar to Borderlands 2.

I’m not a graphics whore, but it’s odd for a sequel to have hardly any better graphics than the previous seven year old game.

That’s the point I think?

50/50 for me.
Environments look amazing, but character designs not as interesting as the Vault Hunters in BL2. Graphics improved (textures, polygons), but I feel BL2 graphics looked more distinctive and stiking (probably because there were not so many details and lightning was not too harsh, so the game had more graphic look). And last but not least: Are they really main villains? They look like goth kids from Disney cartoon. May be voice acting and writing will make them more interesting…

I hope this game turns out great, though. BL series is really fun and many people wanna see a worthy succesor to BL2.

Female with blue tattoo, the villain is a Siren?

So no playable Siren class for BL3?

Overall I liked the vid but yeah when I saw those twos “look”… total eye roller. Don’t know if I can get behind believing in some disney fresh faced wet behind the ears and fresh out the diaper looking perps in Borderlands.

On another note… how about that jive ass sax solo?

There’s a playable siren class. A girl with long (edit: not long, just a bit longer than lilith’s) hair shown in the vid to grow extra siren arms so I assume she’s a melee berserker type.

Now I remember Brick naming his siren Brick. And she’s the prettiest.

the playable siren will be a women with aztec/indian background if i remember correctly

According to a leak that showed the new vault hunters we saw in the trailer, each vault hunter will have 3 actions skills this time instead of one, there will be some degree of gun customization this time (you’ll be able to switch gun parts and create your own gun) and you’ll also explore different planets…

Honestly, this game can’t come soon enough for me.

There was at least a noticeable jump in graphic quality between 1 and 2, and these two were in the same console generation. Might seem odd to harp on this, but i kind of expected better graphics from a sequel made in a new console generation.

I mean, if the framerate is solid and the game runs smooth, it’s all good in the end anyway.

I honestly hope the level scaling is not complete crap like in Borderlands 2. Like, holy damn, that game has the worst scaling i ever seen in a game. And also hope slag doesn’t return, because that was a bad idea in hindsight.

I remember that as well with Tiny Tina.

We know Lilith, Maya and Angel from the past game, now we have new Siren villain, new playable Siren and the mysterious long-haired Siren in upcoming game, we have a total of 6 Siren! That is all the Siren in Borderlands universe! Unless the long-haired Siren is Maya from Borderlands 2 or there is another unknown Siren since Angel got killed in Borderlands 2.

This article has some info on possible features and story tidbits about Borderlands 3. The article shows some of the info that was leaked a few days before the reveal… the leak was pretty accurate, but take it with a grain of salt.

All elements returning except Slag, Laser, and Ice.

I hope this is true, at least for Slag. Kind of sucks for Laser and Ice which i actually liked, but i guess they don’t want to have too many damage types if they are going to introduce new ones.

Laser and Cryo were shown in the trailer if you look closely. Just like other elements of the TPS make it back in it from what I see and hear.