Bored with Pet Cabalist, what are some fun Necromancer subclasses?

I want to contribute more in the fights, in cohesion with a Skeleton army. I love Skeletons armies they are my favourite thing about gaming but I think doubling down on Pet synergy is killing the fun since my hero is essentially useless and all of the impact is from buffing my pets.

  1. What are the most fun subclasses of Necromancer in your opinion?

  2. Do any of these subclasses have the potential to be stronger than the Pet Cabalist?

Are you ISO of hybrid summoner or just something besides a pet cabalist?

Hybrid Summoner with Skeletons, and a more active playstyle for my character.

I am currently playing an 2H Aether Death Knight. With level 73 I have 45k damage with Cadence and almost maxed resistances somewhere in Act 4 Elite. For now it’s fun and it’s almost HC viable.

Nice, that sounds cool- are you using summons? Can you post your Grim build with grim calc?


I have a Cabalist right now that is all about poison and vitality damage. I use DEE, Devouring Earth, and Bloody Pox for my main damage. I have no regrets.

Will do tomorrow morning, as I have it on my other computer at home. I am not using summons, just sheer force to cut through the enemies. :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe the Revenant celestial power later on, but I am not sure.

Sorry for double post, here you go with my current setup:

Selffound stuff, so do not expect magic uber legendaries. And please see the weapon in second weapon slot, as I am going 2H.

Tactic is: Blitz in and trigger Arcane Mine to reduce resistance, Haunt for dmg and further res reduction, War Cry trash packs and slice the rest with Cadence. For bosses use Mark of Torment additionally. If HP drops too low, fall back and recover. Repeat.

Only point I miss is some nice celestial for Cadence, though.

Probably the best skellie cabalist hybrid you are going to see for a while:

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