Boss Foe marker

Could we please get some kind of mark (akin to the hero star) that will distinguish boss foes, make them stand out in the middle of a pack of enemies? I can’t count the number of times i’ve died because i’ve unknowingly engaged a boss i haven’t known/have forgotten was there because they don’t look so visually distinct from other monsters of their type/don’t stand out as a ‘special enemy’.

It could be as simple as a brighter star, or maybe a different symbol - star within a circle, maybe? circle on its own? Diamond?

If you can’t see the star… i have bad news for you… It is very very rare not being able to see due to rare combination of colors, too much crowd and animations floating in air. %97 of the time that star is easy to see.

No, the star is fine. But the star is for hero monsters. I’m asking for an overhead symbol for boss monsters, in the same vein as the hero star, precisely because it’s so easy to see.