Boss Track Not on Original Soundtrack?

So I was wondering about this particular question- it’s only heard when you fight Krieg and that guy at Darkvale (I forgot his name).
It is awesome and deserves to be heard as an MP3.

Is there a reason why the “3” tracks aren’t on the soundtrack?

track 1 (first version-50% of boss health “I’ve been waiting for you”)

track 2 (transformation-“Now, I Shall Demonstrate, my true, pooowweerrrr”

track 3 (the “Come Here So I Can Crush You” theme) (last 50% of boss)

It’s crazy how long the 1st and 2nd versions are…

Whoever did the music, I applaud you.

A few songs were added to the game after the soundtrack became available.

Boss theme music, Gruesome Harvest and perhaps Homestead.

You can listen to them with Steam in the Music Library titled “music”.