Bought Loyalist Edition from GD website but no Crucible.

I bought the Loyalist Edition from the GD website all the way back in January 2016. At the time, I believe the Crucible was being called something like “Survival Mode”, and I understood that purchase of the Loyalist Edition would give me the Loyalist cosmetics, Survival Mode (now the Crucible), and the first expansion when released.

I have been playing the regular version on Steam for a long time, and never bothered to redeem my keys for either Steam or GOG until recently. Now that I HAVE redeemed my keys, I have the Loyalist Edition, but the Crucible is not included. I first redeemed the Steam keys, but no Crucible with that version. So I then uninstalled the Steam version and installed the GOG version. Still no Crucible.

So, should I have the Crucible or not as part of my Loyalist Edition? If not, that’s fine. If I should have the Crucible, who should I contact to get this straightened out - Grim Dawn, Humble Bundle, or GOG?

There is no Crucible in The Loyalist edition.

The Main Game
A Soundtrack
Some Cosmetic
The Expension when release (which is NOT the Crucible but really the Expension in progress that now has a name (Ashes of Malmouth)

Indeed the Crucible is a separate DLC which u can buy.

OK, thanks. Just wanted to make sure. In that case, I will purchase the Crucible.