Bridges and road steepness

Hi! I don’t know if this has been suggested recently (I tried searching)
but I would love to have the option of building bridges in the game.
I have some maps where water divides the village or where my villagers walk through shallow water to get somewhere, and it would be great if I could build a bridge instead.

Another thing would be the steepness of the roads. Sometimes it’s considered too steep even when the villagers use them, or even though it’s not that steep at all.
Some roads originating from medieval times where I am from (Germany) are extremely steep (like, you don’t want to park your car on that road kind of steep), especially in very rural areas.
I think adding a bit more forgiveness to how steep the roads can be would help a lot when building on top of hills and mountains.

Here’s a screenshot of a place where my villagers can walk through water to get to the other side, but it kind of takes me out of the game, since you would avoid walking through water if you could, especially when carrying goods.

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Anything water related is not happening before the game is fully released. Maybe in a DLC at some point, but …

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Ah I understand. Thank you for the response!

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