Bring Invocation to Chaos skill from Will of Bysmiel (58) to the Mythical version

I have talked about it before in this forum, but I believe the devs should reconsider. It is one of the coolest skills in this game, it’s a pity it is limited to a level 58 item. I don’t care if you remove the modifiers for Summon Familiar, since almost nobody uses Mythical Will of Bysmiel for this skill anymore.

An alternative could be a rework on the Unholy/Desecrator Covenant sets. It’s a 5 piece set when almost none of its pieces are viable in any build, even the ones focusing on chaos damage for pets. I believe that you could even add the Invocation to Chaos skill to one of its pieces if you don’t want to change the Mythical Will of Bysmiel. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if you upgraded this set to Legendary so it would convert 100% physical/elemental to chaos and better bonuses. I just think this set has such cool looks and vibes and is so weak for a 5 piece, it makes people frustrated. By people I mean me haha, but I’m sure other people feel the same.

Maybe @Maya could give some light in this questions.

This is it, keep it civil guys and I really hope you consider some changes to chaos pets for


+1 though I’m already happy with the new bonuses to Hellhound skills on gear.

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We have a reputation to uphold as thee most toxic gaming community known to mankind. What is this ‘civil’ word doing here? Looks suspicious :scorv:


Definitely +1 to adding the pets to the Mythical version of the amulet. Can’t really think of any pet build going for it atm, so a buff would certainly be nice. Not sure if anyone other than me even went for it to make use of the manaless P.Spirit.

Regarding Covenant Set, also +1 to buffing it since it feels awkward to use the full set atm. But personally I would prefer something more than just moving the skill from bysmiel amulet to the set.

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Thanks for your insights, Maya.
I tried making the Will of Bysmiel (58) work a couple of times, to be honest I couldn’t.

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