Buff Icon Hotbar (or just a way to distinguish circuit breakers)

With this game towards the hardest difficulties with many builds (maybe even all), our health bar no longer becomes a very reliable source of assessing whether we’re in danger.

It goes up and down sporadically in the blink of an eye, and unless we noticed exactly how far it dipped in a fraction of a second before regenerating back to 100% full right after, we might be oblivious to the fact that we’re actually on the brink of death even with 100% health.

As a result circuit breakers have often been a necessity for me to survive in that stage (I’m not quite at the BiS stage where I feel invincible against the most difficult game content and don’t even need to pay attention to incoming damage).

The problem: I don’t know when they’re active anymore so easily! I often have many passive buffs along with things kicking in like fighting spirit, deadly momentum, multiple buffs from devotions, to where I often have around a dozen icons on the lower left side and in too frantic of a situation to even distinguish which one is which. It doesn’t help that some procs and some icons look identical or nearly identical to each other.

My humble suggestion/request: make it so we can actually start organizing those icons of interest. Example:

This allows quickly moving icons back and forth between the usual spot and the “hot bar” at the top left of the screen. With this method, I’m thinking without getting too elaborate or introducing whole new fancy config options or auxiliary UI elements, we can easily move items either of interest or lack of interest to/from the hotbar and directly from the game’s main user interface.

This way I can move passives that are always on and fighting spirit and deadly momentum and icons like that which aren’t crucial to determining if I’m in an emergency situation to the hotbar so that when icons appear in the usual section, I can really, really notice, or vice versa (move the circuit breakers which are crucial to the hotbar when they fire).

It allows us to avoid looking at all sorts of icons which aren’t so crucial for us to notice at the precise time they appear in the same section of the screen as ones that are crucial to notice.

Of course there are other solutions too and all would make me happy. The main problem I’d like to see solved is that I just can’t tell when I’m in an emergency so easily and need to run away, when my circuit breakers have kicked in. Too often I’ve found myself in a situation like, “Oh, I’m doing just fine… oh wait, is that the icon for Divine Light that just showed up? Wait, it is!!! OMG, RUNNNNNN!!!” It’s too hard for me to tell when that happens right now and too easy to overlook an emergency crisis icon.