Buff Spirit

I think it is worth buffing Spirit energy regeneration (flat and %). Now it is only 0.01 + 0.26% for 1 point. So for 50 points you get only 0.5 energy regen. Physique has long been the king in GD. Add some value to Spirit to make it somewhat viable to Physique for builds heavy dependant on energy regen at least.

I suggest 0.05 + 0.35% for 1 point in Spirit.


You have +1 from me. Thankfully spirit and cunning gives health, not like before. But still spirit is the worst attribute in the game.

Builds that invest heavily in it are casters, that needs to wear off hands. So going with more regen will help them, especially non-Arcanist builds.

As far as i know, % energy regen from Spirit is multiplicative with % energy regen from gear. So it’s already good enough
Buffing energy regen from spirit wont help. There are 2 major issues with it:

  1. Energy-hungry builds often use a mechics, that bypasses energy regen completely - Bard’s Harp proc (% of total energy restored) or Energy leech, etc.
  2. It’s possible to get enough energy sustain even without investing into spirit. Why would one invest into more energy regen, when he already has enough? Even energy-hungry builds like AAR have enough energy regen without investing into spirit.

Yes, spirit need a buff, but instead of energy regen, maybe elaborate some other way? Because, until Crate nerfs Bard’s Harp and the like, and adds new skills with crazy energy consumpltion and DPS/leech (far above AAR), no one would seriously consider investing into spirit.

Not all builds can do that

It is a trade-off there. You lose valuable components in rings for example… or less damge because your devotion route not optimal.

I’m telling you cos I’m making a Deamonslayer PB build and it is very energy hungry and I need use Ectoplasm component in rings but then no Bloodied Crystals and hard time with bleeding res cap.

For me it would be a buff ! I would then invest in Spirit some points.

Don’t speak on behalf of everyone plz. You made all possible builds in this game? Speak for yourself

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Yet you dont invest into spirit, because it’s too weak… And gain energy regen with Ectoplasm or something instead.
And that’s just a single build, who is unlucky to not have enough dedicated gear and struggling with energy regen.
What about tons of other builds, who dont have any problems with energy regen altogether? I’d say, 90%+ of builds (if not 98%) fall into that category…
While Physique is almost the best choice for any build. ANY!
Dont you think it’s a bit unfair, when one stat provides bonuses, useful to every and any build, while 2 others arent maxed even in specific builds, supposed to get greatest benefit out of one of those?

I say we need totally revamp Cunning and Spirit bonuses. Those should be useful to all, or at least - to majority of builds.

Im not against total revamp of Spirit and Cunning but I don’t think that is going to happen in near future because of too much balancing needed while buffing energy regen on Spirit won’t make anything OP in GD.

And you wrote about taking Harp in every build that needs energy regen (AAR lighting comes to my mind). With enough energy regen from Spirit that opens up other devotion path possibilites without Harp, which is good for builds diversity.

+1. I agree on the need for a Spirit buff, but I agree with the BOG regarding the direction of the enhancement.
For example, physical resistance is good to make up for the low armor value of caster armor. Also, the increase in DA is good to make up for the low DA in builds that include OC.

However, if a buff is made against a Sprit, it will probably only improve the current status (play amount,% magic damage, etc.). To include other things, too much work is required. I don’t think they will do it now.



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Yes please!!!
I have so many problems with energy Regen in most of my builds that is not arcanist, even after using offhand…

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Edit and on-topic: I’m very much for buffing spirit bonus. More flat energy regen at high ranks(900+), more % too. Less at low ranks (400-600).

Agreed spirit could use some buff. Currently, I’ll gladly dump into cunning for a physical build if DA/hp permits, but won’t even consider spending points into spirit above gear requirements.

Not sure more energy regen would change my choice, I’d still use Arcane Spark or ring components so I don’t have to waste a single attribute point.