Buffs Lokarr set for new expansion

Since we are going to skip difficulties now in new expansion, can the Lokarr set get a couple of buffs. Mainly some extra resistances. Also is it possible to add increased faction reputation with it equipped?

raises his hand Just add +1 to all skills to it. Yes it already has +1 I know, go away!!!111one

I think it would be the best if Lokarr’s set had scaling stats till level 75. Why only 75? Only because it could be too strong if it scaled further.
Scaling stats would provide more survivability for lower levels, and by capping I don’t mean giving 80% to all resists at level 75, but giving a final value at level 75, so if the set granted 1 - 75% resists at levels 1 - 75, the 75% would be reached at level 75.

Or just give it % damage reduction that scales down the higher level you are.

You allready have a legendary set, that can be equipped at level one.

Don´t be greedy.

I think Zantai said something similar in a recent stream. :smiley:

I suppose that leveling from lvl 1 on ultimate will be extremely fast (albeit hard), so I don’t think Lokarr’s set needs a big buff.

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I approve the buff to Lokarr set :cool:

Would be kind of nice. So a +1 from me.