Bug and suggestion about TOPBARS


The UIActorDescription, location → "records/ui/inworld/worldactordescription.dbr really NEEDS a separatorvalue for PETS, as they use the same topbar as the player which is kinda bad when trying to mod those bars, i guess also overall not a good deal for any pet type player when playing with big bars and a zoo running around. Should be an easy task to split that into 2 values instead 1.

Another thing is that the option about monster icons on the topbar does not work at all, and can not be changed at all via the modding tools, i guess that is not intended?


EDIT1: found out that the icons on the topbar seem to work, just behave kinda strange → if you turn on BIG MONSTER HEALTH BARS, we loose the “initial” bigger MONSTERSYMBOLS, which are great and i would love to have them permanent,… if you keep that BIG MONSTERS HEALTH BARS off, the bigger monstersymbols are turning into small ones on encounter which again add to the bars then, i dont think that looks normal, but maybe just a personal thing :slight_smile:

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