Bug exp? Help me please!

Hi!! I’m playing at level 53 of my battlemage, but experience, killing monsters doesn’t grow up… please help me!!

Beste regards

If enemies are far below your level (more than 10, I believe), you do not get experience, negative reputation and aether crystals. On the first difficulty some areas have a low level cap.

ehm… no… strangely, I’ve close tgame & restart it & & now it seems ok… another question , if You can: how may i activate a mod file after put it in the ‘mod’ folder of the game?? Thank You very much for Your help!!

Kind regards.

Depends if you mean an actual mod like Grimarillion or Reign of Terror, or a tool like Grim Internals or Rainbow Filter. For mods, once you’ve installed it click on Main Campaign in the character screen then choose Custom Game. When that window opens choose the mod you want to play and then click Accept. Then make a new character to start playing that mod with .

For the tools, follow the instructions they give in their opening posts.

Thank You very much for Your precious support!! But I would play with a larger level cap mod:

should I restart completely adventure??
Thank You very much again & kind regards.


I don’t know. I know nothing about that mod. Better to ask in the forum on that website about it. I think it’s a tool rather than a mod so no idea where you need to put it for it to work.

Looks like a mod to me but looking at the posts section for it on Nexus it appears there are bugs and issues as well as the fact that the original author has not updated it since Dec 2017.

Thank You very much for Your answer, I resolved: it depends from the my character’s level… But I wanted to ask You too, if it’s a way to run this mod(

): could I run it without loosing my character?? And about dlcs?? can it run together them?? -sorry for my english…
thank You very much for Your patience… Kind regards!!

See powbam’s answer above. I guess you could try, but it’s not up to date with the latest expansion so may not run or could cause problems if it does. If you do decide to try it, back up your character folder first so you can then replace it if the mod does muck it up.

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