Bug: Hills = death trap

One of my peasant walked to cut wood through the hill, and got stuck there for some strange reason.
Since that peasant died, another went to collect the body, got stuck, died.
And after that, a ton of them died. I was wondering why my population count suddenly dropped. Only then I noticed this.

Seems the peasant pathing is bugged or something, since they can get there, but cant get out.

This currently can be resolved by suiciding a bunch of peasants to flatten the terrain around that area to remove the bodies

Screenshot: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Death Trap

Gather the Crowd- “Folks it’s a dangerous job. We are gonna need volunteers for a task that may be so dangerous you don’t return, but we need you. We can honor you all as heroes to our society, but the sacrifice of brave men and women has gotten us here and is what’s needed to help us live on.”

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