Bug with Barn and Great BArn

There are problems with the Barn and the Great Barn:

  • The animals do not leave the meadow even in winter

  • No more milk is produced even though the function has been activated

  • the herd size cannot be adjusted or does not change after confirmation

  • Animals cannot be slaughtered


It is currently not possible to slaughter my cows, so they are overpopulated. I don’t know what the issue is.

Exact same issue here. Sometimes the milking fixes itself when I restart the game.
The herd size adjustment didn’t work for me since the beginning (got the game on the 9th)
Slaugthering works, until the cows are leaving their pasture for the winter, but I found whenever I divide my herd the cows no longer leaving the pasture and return to the barn, and the milking and slaughtering stops workings as well.

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I tried everything , moving stocks between two large barns, and herd size still 13 even at large which should 16 I think. , the barn is so buggy, both barns using the same herd area, no milking, no slaughter. it needs work.

I’ve had this issue as well. An easy fix in game is to press the enable/disable milking button a couple of times. Whenever you build or replace a barn, it’s stuck in “milking: no” and cows don’t come to the barn to be milked or slaughtered. Press the button a few times until it says “milking: yes” and the enable/disable milking button shows disable.
I however now have the issue that the cows in one of my barns don’t come out to graze and fertilize the ground.

[EDIT] I discovered a cow stuck in a stone gate. Once I remove the gate, it walked out through another stone gate and it all worked again

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Starting to understand a bit how cows are working.

  • If you set them to milking, they wont leave the barn and you have to feed them all around the year (no grazing, no fertilizing), unsure if this is intended or bug. However, there is a “bug”, where they will leave the barn to graze and still can be milked (seems to me you have to trap them to trigger this bug and then release them)

  • Walls are the enemy for cows, they cant use any kind of gate, be it fence, palliside or stone gate, they treat it as solid wall. If they are stuck at some position and you walled them, you have to destroy the wall to let them in/out

  • They can be only slaughtered inside the barn, if they are outside (or even stuck) they wont be slaughtered at all

  • A large barn can only sustain 12 cows, even if it has room for 16, anything above 12 will decrease the health of the herd

Just as input.

I have my 2 large barns set to milking, with 12/12 cows, and they leave the barn for grazing just fine in the summer.

This is currently my issue. I usually laughter some of them near the end of the year (for culling mostly).
A few days ago, I was able to do milking and slaughtering just fine. Now I cannot do those and I also cannot send in another cow, apparently.

barn and advanced barn are buggy, they work for a while then stop. i had 4 barns working with 12/12 cows milking was working auto slaughter was working now i can’t get any of them to slaughter so i have 16/12 in 3 of my barns i have built 2 new barns to split the 16/12 herds into 2 8/12 herds. but i can confirm the barn bugs out, especilly the later in the game you go, and the higher your pop is. in the early game it worked great. but as my pop expanded i xpanded my cattle sources and then it got really buggy.

I have had the same problems with my barn and have come to the conclusion that the barn bugs out when you have things placed too close to the barn itself or to the grazing area.

The other night I decided to place a Well to fill in some empty space on the short side of the barn that is next to the Arborist.

Immediately the cows started to go back into the barn whenever I clicked to enable Milking.

As soon as I stopped Milking they stayed outside.

It took a while before I remembered that I had put down the Well and as soon as I removed it the cows went back to acting normally.

Another interesting problem is that I still have cows standing in the grazing area that belonged to a previous buggy barn I deleted. Most of them just stand around in the grazing area with their health bars showing 30-40% health (their health doesn’t change anymore now, even though they no longer have a barn associated with them, and they are outside during winter). Some of them run around in the town, but can’t be associated with a barn again, OR killed by a Hunter.

There is also a “wild card” in my grazing area, which I’m not sure afflicts the barn/cow behavior. A Hunter that had a bit of his working area inside the grazing area to kill any wild animals decided to put down a Trap inside the cows grazing area.

I tried to disable his traps but it seems the Hunters can not remove their traps once they are placed. So I can’t test if this has any bearing on the stability.


After leveling up the Town Center to Tier 4 the derelict cows that had their health bars frozen on 30-40% finally had their bars go down to zero! And now it let them expire!

do i have to buy the animals or something , or they appear automatic after building the barn?

Nope, they have to be bought from a trader.

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Regarding milking and slaughtering make sure you have many food storages in the city! The barns will not produce meat and milk if storages don’t have enough space. This works for me like a charm.

How many is enough? What is the right ratio?

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