Build 20 - Multiplayer and Transmuters

:mad: Seems like every time there is a update, patch or new build it Nerfs my characters. My pure NightBlade build lost over 300 DPS.
Personally I’d rather they add in the long (Now way to long) awaited Act 3. I suppose now it will be another 3 or more months until Act 3 will be available, hell it might not be here till 2015. I also didn’t see a reason for the complete overall of the game just to add in Multiplayer, but hey that’s just me.

^No idea how people didn’t expect the NB to be nerfed.

Plus you probably think the dps was nerfed when it wasn’t - the calculations are just different so they reflect the average of both weapon - not the combined total.

Part / most of your DPS is a fix to the calculation, not a nerf. If you have an issue with things changing, don’t play alphas (or betas for that matter)…

We will see how long act 3 takes, I would expect it in Nov (famous last words…)

Act 3 may also be coming out in stages so hopefully these mini releases won’t take a long to refine/fix.

Pardon me if this has been asked already, but …

What if we have multiple characters on different machines running steam?

Will one set get wiped out with cloud saves? Will we be able to save all of our characters across multiple machines to the cloud? If not, is there a way for us to backup our characters so that one set on a particular machine does not get erased?

Thanks so much! Can’t wait to start playing the new update!

Wrong answer…if no says anything about changes they don’t like then how do the devs know what they are doing is okay with everyone.

I’m not like you or the others here in which they/you will blindly follow along saying everything is good when it is not.

I paid for alpha access and that gives me the right to speak up when I don’t like a change that happens, weather or not you like my doing so or not.
If you don’t like what I post then read someone’s other post that you do like.

It’s readily apparent to anyone that can read the numinous posts in the bugs section that build 20 has LOTS of problems.

B20 having bugs is a given considering there is a warning that pops up before getting into the multiplayer lobby.

Really though I think there is some mis-communication going on here. You cry “nerf” about losing damage, mamba states that damage for dual wielding calculations is now done differently, and then you reply about “blindly following along saying everything is good when it is not”.

If you have problems with the actual skill changes done to mastery’s then perhaps state what issues you have. Dual Blades lost 10 piercing damage because it was over buffed, Pneumatic Burst’ healing and Shadow Dance’s defensive capabilities were lowered as the Nightblade also has other good defensive skills like Blade Barrier or Ring of Steel which gives an awesome aoe stun.

Also spamming PB was definitely too powerful of a heal and SD’s % defensive ability buff scaled far too well imo.

Feedback and opinions are fine as long as what you give is actually feedback and provides examples. Saying “I dislike the nerfs” without giving any reason as to why doesn’t quite provide any insight in my opinion.

B20 actually has far more buffs then nerfs it looks like.

Is there a way to show only hardcore characters in multiplayer?

Think they are working on that.

There were two significant nerfs to Nightblades: Shadow Dance and a general nerf to physical damage and pierce damage gear (Duelists Sabres, Crushing rings, etc).

Pneumatic Burst itself was buffed and most of the other changes were very minor.

Does spirit correctly amplify all magic dmg now? such as poison, chaos, vitality…? does it show up on stat sheet or not?

I’ve been away for 2 months, time to get back to the game.

Played multiplayer on gigabit LAN yesterday for several hours with no problems at all.

One irritation - when another member of the party is talking to an NPC no other players can. I can’t see any great reason for this.

I would guess it’s a technical limitation with the quest engine and how it tracks quest acquisition in mp.

Pretty much. Quest choices necessitate that only one person be talking to the NPC at any given time, otherwise you might have two people picking two different scenarios and the game goes boom.

it doesn’t work like that in other multi-player games. It’s okay for us (sort of) because we can just walk across the room to see what’s going on, but I wouldn’t want have to keep relaying messages to other players in an on-line game. It wouldn’t be hard to give the first player voting rights and deny the others.

My game crashed after 5 hours during a very dense battle with a lot of fire, sparks etc. Fortunately I was a client, and I reconnected without problems after a restart. Is there a log anywhere with debug?

Updated the stats on Fireblast, Ice Spike and Poison Bomb Component skills to make them more interesting.

One of my favorite change in this build. Making very weak Fireblast level 1 absolutely useless. What a surprise!

Other multiplayer games normaly have simple missions, without choices that may lead to different eventes further on the plot depending on your decisions.

Not necessarily. The essence of cooperative network play is to share decisions. In the same room it’s easy - but how is this possible in a remote session without the dialogue being seen by all players? I think it’s a weakness. A voting system would good, and not too hard to implement.

i havent noticed much actual difference on my NB centered toons, yeah the DPS number has dropped but stuff still dies just as fast as before.