Build Advice needed - DW Deathmarked Spellbreaker

So a while ago I found two pieces of the Deathmarked set (both weapons) and decided to make a build around it. Nightblade was the obvious first choice, then I decided to go Arcanist because of Star Pact. Looking back at the build now, I think soldier would of been a better choice. My OA and Health are both suffering. I can’t even crit elites. What should I do with this guy? Keep farming? reassign skills? Or should I maybe remake him as a Blademaster?

The best part of the deathmarked set is the chest.

Weapons don’t have enough armor piercing to do well as pierce weapons, nor do they have enough cold to be valid cold weapons.

With 4p clearly not a worthwhile thing to shoot for the helm loses out to +1 class options.

Deathmarked shoulders likewise lose out to zantarin’s shoulderguards or silver sentinel shoulderguards.

My advice for the moment? Go farm spectral longswords from the blood grove vendor. You can reset his inventory in the current play session by rifting to homestead, talking to two different vendors, then using the homestead rift to return to blood grove and checking the guy’s inventory again.


Or for more details on getting budget spellbreakers going.

I’d recommend this