Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)

No this one is done in, I only tested it in a bit (but there are literally no changes to the build anyway, at least so far).

That’s not what I meant by work in progress.

Work in progress is, to put it bluntly, non-max level builds. If we didn’t had this rule then technically noone could had stopped me from say making a level 10 character, creating a thread and showcasing it’s 15 second veteran Reanimator kill, then making a compendium submission.

Builds tagged as I can’t accept yet since the patch isn’t live.

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Thanks Dragon :slight_smile:

  • [Shield Melee] [] (sr+)(vid) [S&B Fire RF Shieldbreaker] (fordprefect)

    • Damage: Fire, Burn
    • Active Skills: Righteous Fervor, Blazing Charge, Judgment, Thermite Mine, Vire’s Cascade, Vire’s Might, Ascension
    • Passive Skills: Divine Mandate, Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Presence of Virtue, Resilience
    • WPS Skills: Shattering Smash, Smite
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  • [Caster] [] (cr+) (sr+) (vid) Thunder in Paradise - Lightning RoK Purifier (afanasenkov26)

    • Damage: Lightning, Electocute
    • Active Skills: Thermite Mine, Rune of Kalastor, Storm Box of Elgoloth, Inquisitor Seal, Amatok’s Breath
    • Passive Skills: Vindictive Flame, Flame Touched, Aura of Censure
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Thanks Dragon :slight_smile:

  • [DW Melee] [] (sr+) (vid) [Stormheart Warrior] (fordprefect)

    • Damage: Lightning
    • Active Skills: Cadence, Storm Box of Elgoloth, Word of Renewal, Inquisitor Seal, Dark Desires
    • Passive Skills: Aura of Censure, Field Command, Prismatic Aura
    • WPS Skills: Markovian’s Advantage, Zolhan’s Technique, Korvaak’s Brand, 2x Burning Void

Is this correct? Btw is 3 buffs + 3 T1 + 1 T2 (64 Tributes I think) fine?

You can use any combo of buffs and banners as long as it does not cost more tribute than mainstream one (which is 4 buffs + 3 T1 beacons).

  • [DW Ranged] [] (cr+) (sr+) (vid) Life Stealing Bullets - Vitality RF Oppressor (eardianm)

    • Damage: Vitality
    • Active Skills: Righteous Fervor, Bone Harvest, Ill Omen, Ascension, Vire’s Might, Mark of Torment, Call of the Grace
    • Passive Skills: Harbinger of Souls, Spectral Binding, Presence of Virtue, Eldritch Ruminations, Azragorian Tactics, Guardian of Empyrion
    • WPS Skills: Smite, Reaping Strike, Burning Void (x2), Blazing Fury
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  • [2H Ranged] [] (cr+) (sr+) (vid) Reckless Power - Aether Primal Strike Druid (eardianm)

    • Damage: Aether, Lightning
    • Active Skills: Primal Strike, Aether Corruption, Wendigo Totem, Mirror of Ereoctes, Nullification
    • Passive Skills: Reckless Power, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, Mogdrogen’s Pact
    • WPS Skills: N/A
  • [2H Ranged] [] (cr+) (sr+) (vid) The Light Show - Vortex of Souls Primal Strike Druid (eardianm)

    • Damage: Lightning
    • Active Skills: Primal Strike, Wendigo Totem, Wind Devil, Ravager’s Deathgaze, Mirror of Ereoctes, Nullification
    • Passive Skills: Stormcaller’s Pact, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, Mogdrogen’s Pact, Stormcaller Aura, Electrifying Weapons
    • WPS Skills: N/A
  • [DW Ranged] [] (cr+) (sr+) (vid) Elemental Pew Pew - Luminari Purifier (eardianm)

    • Damage: Elemental
    • Active Skills: Fire Strike, Thermite Mine, Word of Renewal, Word of Pain, Inquisitor Seal
    • Passive Skills: Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Aura of Censure, Luminari Presence
    • WPS Skills: Bursting Round, Chilling Rounds, Storm Spread, Burning Void (x2)

Builds were added.

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  • [skater caster] [] (hc) (sr+) (cr+) (M) (Ra) (Ca) (vid) (L) Volcanic Stride Shieldbreaker (RektbyProtoss)
    • Damage: Fire, Burn
    • Active Skills: Vire’s Might, Blackwater Cocktail, Flashbang, Ascension, Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Thermite Mine
    • Passive Skills: Presence of Virtue, Divine Mandate, Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame

how are these kind of builds even categorized? just [caster] or sth like [skater]?

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Caster Skater sounds cool :stuck_out_tongue:

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[Caster] [] (sr+) (vid) Tri-Element TSS Iskandra Warlock, Celestials (oli_g)

  • Damage: Elemental
  • Active Skills: Trozan’s Sky Shard, Chain Lightning, Curse of Frailty, Bloody Box, Blood of Dreeg, Displacement, Nullification, Mirror of Ereoctes,
  • Passive Skills: Arcane Will, Presence of Might, Star Pact, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange.

Again, if you don’t mind, thanks

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  • [2H Melee] [] (sr+) (vid) [] Scream Ignorable - 2H Aether Righteous Fervor Templar [sr+][mi][vid] (Willnoword)

    • Damage: Aether
    • Active Skills: Righteous Fervor, Callidor’s Tempest, Chaos Strike, Ascension, Vire’s Might, Mirror of Ereoctes, Nullification
    • Passive Skills: Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Reckless Power, Presence of Virtue, Summon Guardian of Empyrion
    • WPS Skills: Smite

Have a nice day, @Stupid_Dragon!


Just a few question about this:
How do you know from the treasure room what shard was just completed ?

I took some screenshots, but once inside the treasure room you don’t see the shard in the corner anymore.

Would this screenshot be enough even if it’s not the treasure room ?

And does it have to be completed with timer left ?

Oops, will be fixed.



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Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello Dragon :slight_smile:

My First submission ! :grinning:
Hopefully I got the formatting right

  • [Skater] [] (Cr) (SR+) (vid) Bloodbound pseudo-pet skater bleed dervish (DeputyChuck)

    • Damage: Bleeding, Vitality
    • Active Skills: Vire’s Might, Wendigo Rush, Shadow Strike, Pneumatic Burst, Ascension, Blade Barrier
    • Passive Skills: Path of the Three, Presence of Virtue, Veil of Shadow, Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Blade Spirit, Summon Deathstalker, Soul of Nazaran, Presence of Might, Whirling Blades