>< DW Melee Lightning Tactician. Stormheart Warrior. SR 75-76

Speed of light is pretty slow in Cairnverse

Hi everyone, I would like to share another lightning melee build with you, it’s kinda meme and weapon damage on GT and dps tooltip in game are pretty lame but it works fine in farming range.

Images from the game with perma buffs and deadly momentum buff

:damage_lightning::damage_lightning: GRIMTOOLS :damage_lightning::damage_lightning:

  • What will change in

WPS from medal will be %20 chance so build can save a few points from MA or ZT but nothing else will change.

Gear Explanation
  • Korvaak’s Brand is needed for DW and definitely BiS.

  • 2x Stormheart are core of the build, try to get %100 fire>conversion on rolls, chaos one will be supported by helmet aswell.

  • Horns of Korvaak, definitely BiS. Proc is amazing and provides +1 all skills.

  • I used Avenger of Cairn amulet to get some defense, build has low physical resist so you need that +maximum resistances but it can be a Conduit of Warring Whispers with unrelated conversion, like lightning forcewave.

  • Fateweaver Raiment is needed to get more physical resistance, Shroud of Illusion can be better due to AoC points but that one has no phys resist at all.

  • Iron Maiden Shoulders is needed to hardcap Cadence, resistances doesn’t matter there; getting OA and some elemental or lightning damage would be better. I used Tempest since it has both damage and %OA. If you get Tempest/of Attack roll, you may re-spec the cunning points and invest to physique or even spirit.

  • I used 2x Coven Storm Seals(faction ring) for Field Command points and %DA Bonus. More offensive alternative would be Signet of Astral Ruminations but then DA suffers too much, you can remove cunning points and invest into physique and then OA suffers too much :nerd_face: Leggings of Arcane Currents

  • Leggings of Arcane Currents is BiS for Cadence points, phys resist, CC resist and SBoE points.

  • Light’s Defender Gauntlets is BiS. Crimson Claws can be used for extra targets but build needs every drop of damage.

  • Ignaffar Combustion relic is BiS for extra RR and good flat damage.

  • Scales of Beronath is BiS. (Unless you have a double rare Ugdenbog belt that fits perfectly)

PS: Yeah I enabled Discord mutator, it’s much better this way

Devotions: It was quite ordinary Spear and Ultos lightning devotion route at first. Then I decided to utilize Tsunami for fumble/impaired aim and resulted great both offensive and defensively. Binding it to Storm Box provided much needed AoE. Problem was I lost third node of Hourglass which is needed to for slow resistance. At first I used Time-Flux band and Mark of the Traveler on Boots but not having %200 AS annoyed me so I gaved up Ultos proc and didn’t even miss it.

SR 76 Boss Room with bad mutators.

I tried to get resistant mutator along with Grava and Valdaran at 76 boss room but got bored after tenth run. Build is very consistent at 75-76; no so fast but reliable. Valdaran takes too much time with bad mutators, Grava is easier due to high racial damage. Hard physical hitters can cause some problems now and then so can’t guarantee that you won’t die :smiley:

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome.


patch 9.2 Stormheart hype ! :raised_hands: - this looks very very nice Ford :+1:


Thanks a lot. I was going to make Witchblade with it after official patch release but got bored and wanted to try this. It was quite boring until I test Tsunami binded to Storm Box :smiley:

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for me/my own play i’d probably nab Ultos and slap it on Seal, but that’s because i’m proc greedy, i know helm covers the RR already, just want stuff flying everywhere :blush:

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I’ve wanted to use Action Mom’s Stormheart for a while - I will definitely have to try this!

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Still trying to learn the finer points of this game, so forgive the hypothetical question:
When that happens, would it make sense to move one of those points to scars of battle so you can change the Scaled hide on the shoulder for a living armor or sacred plating to get more overcap/health/OA while remaining at 100% absorb ?

Or is there something else to consider that I’m missing ?

Second question: Does Discord prevent fire to lightning conversion on Stormheart ?

Great build BTW :slight_smile: This looks fun

I used scaled hide because build doesn’t need any more resistance overcaps. 7/8 scars of battle allow you to use any other component on the shoulder.

Leaving MA at 6/12 and ZT at 12/12 spare 7 skill points, I would invest them to vigor probably to get more health since build is pretty squishy.

You mean on Burning Void wps? I don’t think so, discord converts physical damage into elemental, fire damage from wps or AoC will be converted o lightning.

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1 point in vigor gets you around 100 health
a sacred plating gets you 210 health (and some overcap) and you still get 100% absorb

Wouldn’t it make sense to invest 6 of those 7 points in vigor and 1 into scars to get the above then ?
Or are the CC res on vigor more worth it ?

I meant on Cadence per se.
Why is it better to convert to elemental when your weapon converts all physical to elemental ?
Does Discord affect Deadly momentum ?

Yep, sacred plating can be used for a bit more health after wps re-spec.

Discord converts all physical damage into elemental on Cadence hit, including deadly momentum buff and flat damage from steel resolve. On the other hand, discord provides 72 elemental damage, which is 24 fire(this will be converted to lightning), 24 lightning and 24 cold and %10 total damage modifier. Actually the flat lightning damage on tooltip are very close; this means it could be better without discord if I could hardcap deadly momentum but for now it provides a bit more lightning damage along with some cold and fire damage. And it felt much much better


That makes a lot of sense, thank you :slight_smile:

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Following up - with the +1 shaman coming to Stormheart, would you still do Tactician over Vindicator? It’d mean giving up that nice double cadence bonus for Stormheart, although you get the small Savagery bonus from the Horns of Korvaak.

Vindicator wouldn’t make sense for such build. No wps, no AoE, you gotta choose Aura of Censure over Stormcaller. Warder can be an alternative, Witchblade can be an alternative. If you wanna use Savagery, then Trickster is better for it via Crystallum( changes). There’s a Conjurer done with Stormhearts but it’s pretty meme and abuses Maelstorm&procs for extra damage.

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