Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)

Hm, of these, the only ones I found were broken were the Cholol, the Breathtaking and Korvaak master, which are now fixed.

i checked all links that i posted
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This thread got almost 900k view. Man…god bless…

I appreciate your Work and you’ve done great and everything, however i would suggest to add the glossar from the Basegame compedium, due for people who newly get into GD plus expansionor people like me which never used the compendium before won’t understand things like g3 etc. I myself helf to google for it and found nothing, and then checked up older Compendium with the hope to see what all this tags are…

it is already done (first post of this thread)


but why so deeply
good question


The formatting of this compendium is still WIP

But as @omnitrio showed you, the tags are described here already

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I replicated the original formatting from the old forum.

If Dragon wants to change it, that’s his prerogative.

Thanks and sorry, than it was the in the wrong end of my side… though i find it quite easy to miss tbh^^

Anyone found g1-g5 tags useful?

I think they are useful. But maybe reconsider what kind of gear gets which tag.

Gear tag is useful,but I don’t know how accurate is.There is big difference between double yellow and double green MI items.

Also +5 BoM is even harder to craft,so it should have status of double rare.


i think this tags are cool and helpful

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Yeah i think good. I can easily check it is green or greenless.

This “no green” builds is kinda… you know how I feel about it.
What is wrong with MI’s? As Nery said above, it is a difference between double rare MI and just random MI with double magic affixes. On some builds, even the base MI is better than any legendary/epic.

You know we had this conversation. I am not aginst them, but finding them is harder. Still i like builds that use MI. I used it too.

Do you think finding any Bonespike and any Basilisk Crest is “harder” ? really? (Ravenous earth builds)

if you use GDStash then there is no difference but for normal players, getting the required MI is a pain because it requires lots of grinding so it is much easier for them to get all g3

Do you think I use GD stash to get a Bonespike of decay? Takes two or three runs of Mountain deep :stuck_out_tongue:

G2: flexible and farmable gear, MI that is “self found” - “Basically gearing has multiple options.”
G3: no MI
G4: one MI with fixed affixes
G5 more than one MI with fixed affixes

I guess what I am looking for is a gear-tag that is between 2 and 3: i.e. MI with “reasonable” affixes like double magic / one fixed magic affix.

Evrybody knows that… but that is 1 build not many that has so much different MI’s.

Same as the gun from ugdenbug for PS and the off hand and sword that gives u one more summon to totem.

Most of them not using, but really hard to get. That’s what i talking about…

But why should those builds be in the same category as the “GD-stasher builds collection”?
Getting any Ugdenbog spark-thrower is easier than finding Mythical evoker of elgoloth.

I think the gear-tag should be more loose like
g1: easy to gear (e.g. faction items, farmable stuff, epic items) little farming required.
g3: mostly legendary items and other items that can be acquired with moderate farming.
g5: Only achievable by GDstash or +1k hours farming/crafting.

and then have g2 and g4 as tags between g1 and g3, g3 and g5 respectively, where the build poster could use his/her common sense.

The normal players that hang out with outside this forum have no problem using MI’s and crafted items. Only in here the “no green items” paradigm exists.