Build Concept


I am working to make a build using primarily 3 things:

  1. The Exterminus Pistol
  2. The Blood Orb of C’thon
  3. The Pyromancer class

My idea is pyromancer and blood orb convert the entire firestrike line into chaos damage and the exterminus pistol includes bonuses to fire strike/brimstone as well as chaos resist reduction.

The problem I have is I can’t seem to ever make it strong enough. Sub 10k hp, lowish OA and average DA.

Does anyone have anything similar? I haven’t seen it on the forums.

Well, It is good to play Fire and Chaos too. Fire has many support, RR and dmg source. Pyromancers have good synergy in them.

People don’t use pistol+focus auto-attack because of slower attack speed while playing dual pistol still not outperform melee.(So pistol+focus mostly be a caster, like Phantasmal Blade) // focus means caster of hands

So IMO, getting focus and not to be a caster is bad idea. If there’re a really good set of pistol and focus. I may change my mind

Only HP, DA, OA isn’t mean it’ll be good or completely strong. You can’t grab everything. So make a good trade off with things, wisely sacrifice small to get big.

Post your build in grimtool link :

for further customization and advice.

Maybe something like this:
But I agree with Ink, Pistol+Caster Off hand is not going to be good if you want to do weapon attacks. You should be doing much better going for a chaos+fire Hybrid as devotions/gear and skills support it.

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Ok. Here is the link (had to increase the # of posts).

Biggest concern is OA and DA. Resists appear fine.

Thanks for the help!

It’s fine. With Toggle buff is 2.3k OA, 1.8k DA.
Toggle procs will be 2.4k OA, 2.0 DA.

You may try it in the game. If it’s suck, it’s not about your DA, OA, HP or overall on-sheet.

Its bit old and in need of some tweaking but still capable enough of trashing main game with ease:

Its offensive setup so if you need more defense change rings to judic signets and change devotions.