Build Critique for Fire AAR Templar

Hello All,

I am currently trying to make this Fire AAR Templar build work but its a bit squishier than I anticipated:


I know the shoulders are lower level and the amulet is a placeholder since I’m having issues finding a decent replacement while still maintaining capped resistances. I also sorely need the Ulzuin medal that converts Lightning to Fire.

The best helm available to me was Pyran’s, which I crafted a few days ago to replace a M. Purging Gaze.

Any tips on shoring up my defenses while maintaining DPS would be very welcome. This is a build I constructed without consulting any guides so I suspect the Devotions could also be reworked. I was also contemplating trying to work Phoenix in for some added Tankiness.

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hmm maybe you can learn a little from the items i used and got recommended from my fire aar sorcerer. mainly its the combination of high lifesteal and twin fangs to aar that do the surviving. So some pierce or vita conversion is handy.

You need that Ulzuin medal for conversion so bad. Also conduit with Weapon Damage mod for AAR. And don’t forget to increase your DA.

Thanks, I’ve looked at your devo setup along with a few others. I forgot how good Revenant is so I’ll drop Rhowan’s Crown for it and tweak the rest. I would really like to work Phoenix in but I’m not sure that it is feasible.

Some of the gearing issues I have are simply due to not having the optimal items, like the Conduit amulet which is Blueprint only, though I’m working on it!