[Build]Dreeg eyes poison dmg pure


Man, I’ve seen you post like 50 threads like that. Just what are you trying to do? Post a build? Ask for an advice?

Yes, I know you have bad English and you don’t have Ashes of Malmouth expansion, but do you actually own the original game? Are you even playing it?

Each time you get the same kind of advice - your grimtools are bad, you lack fundamentals, please go check beginners section forum, please go check old build compendum, etc. etc.

Instead of doing that you keep posting random bad builds. Are you even playing them?

Just level ONE char from 1 to 85, follow a build from build compendum, finish Ultimate, learn a game by playing and by checking other builds, knowledge compendium and game wiki.

I’ve avoided posting in your threads for quite some time now, but seeing same stubborn senseless stuff yet again? It is just annoying.

I did finished the game over 40 times in all dfclt. And oky il going to stop posting build to not anoying you and sorry for my bullshit. Goodbye all


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