[Build]Final pre aom AAR ather/fire refix


Suggestions I can make:

-Right off the bat, you have virtually no resist reduction that I can see except Warpfire’s proc. You want more of this as otherwise, you’re going to have a fun time with anything that resists Aether/Elemental damage. Besides that, it acts as a damage multiplier.

Since you’re going Aether, I recommend Acid Spray OR Agonizing Flames (BWC), Arcane Bomb (Widow constellation) and Band of the Eternal Haunt.

-I’ve never played an AAR build (so can’t speak too much here) but keep in mind that it devours energy. You’re going to either want more energy regen or more -% skill energy cost or you’ll be chugging Elixirs.

-Overall, you have slightly below average health at around ~7 000, I’d aim for around 8 500. 2 000 DA is workable but isn’t safe. You want vastly more OA to crit Bosses consistently, pre-expansion I would aim for around 2 700 OA on some of my characters.



[ul][li]Elemental Balance scales poorly after 12/12. There are better places to put the overcapped points.[/li]
[li]No Mirror of Ereoctes? It’s a life saver.[/li]
[li]Reckless Power’s flat Aether will only effect your Callidor nuke. You’re overcapped on casting speed by 31%, consider lowering the number of points here or dropping it entirely for Star Pact.[/li]
[li]You don’t need so many points in Arcane Will. 1 is enough.[/li]
[li]Fabric of Reality is a similar case to Reckless Power - the flat damage and energy leech will only be applied by Callidor’s Tempest.[/li]


[ul][li]At least cap Blast Shield, it’s one of your defensive mechanisms as a Sorcerer.[/li]
[li]1 point BWC and High Potency for the % target’s reduced Physical damage debuff. It’s also a great devotion proccer due to the numerous ticks. Agonizing Flames is optional for a source of flat RR.[/li]
[li]Cap Flashbang and at least 1 point Searing Light for the DA strip and Fumble/Impaired Aim. Another solid defensive mechanism.[/ul]
Overall, I would rework your skill selection to something like this.


[ul][li]You have +250% Vitality damage and ~+349% Magical damage from Spirit. Wendigo’s Mark isn’t going to be doing much damage, meaning you’re going to get even less as life steal from it.[/li]
[li]Aetherfire has no cooldown, yet it’s attached to a skill that you use every 3-5 seconds. I suggest putting it on something that is more active like AAR, Devastation or BWC.[/li]

oky thx i will change build skills and devotion


oh u did it sir spank thank you very much :smiley: :smiley: :D: D