Build for 2H Rifle "Witching Hour"

Recently got an awesome 2H Rifle the Witching Hour that boost Chaos and pet damage. Can anyone share some build for this item because I really want to use this and I’m currently unsure if I’ll go with Warlock (Occulist+Arcanist).

Many Thanks.

This’s my plan.
Little low on Elemental Resistance, but Storm Spirit isn’t showing on the Grimtools as of yet. Stuff whatever in the rings, it hardly matters. Simple enough gameplay, use Fire Strike and Flashbang yourself, Thermite Mines on Bosses/Heroes. Hellhound will be spawning Eldritch Fire, set on Agressive. Familiar on Defensive will provide almost no damage, but handy resistances. Hit Sovereign for Bosses/Heroes, and the Relic is for more pets.

I had (great) difficulties were only with the Sentinel on the ultimate, otherwise there are no problems.

THank you guys for sharing your builds I will try this :slight_smile: I really wanted to focus on Witching Hour weapon. :):):slight_smile: