Build free to a good home (vitality doom bolt/DW melee)

Put it together to test it out, and it works great, but too fragile for me to pull of successfully in glad crucible. Probably needs more defense in general although I don’t think that was the whole of the problem. I think I’m just old and don’t have the reflexes to immediately identify every boss/champion the second they come on screen and react appropriately. Also I can’t use Mark of Torment to save my life. (Literally!) By the time I’m using a defensive CD I’m running the other way, which makes having to target a mob counter-intuitive. The build works great overall as long as you’re on your toes about hit and run and clearing out stuff with sigil/doombolt and going toe-to-toe when it’s safe. But I suck and got tired of randomly getting gibbed because I dropped the ball on something or let myself get surrounded or whatever.

60-76k doom bolt all vitality damage, 3.5 second cooldown and 45k dps basic attack. Chewed through stuff like nobodies business, especially when I was on point about getting sigil down in good defensive spots and keeping siphon soul up as much as possible. CoF then Doombolt was sometimes one-shotting champions up to about wave 50.