Build going into Crucible

Hey, Everyone,
I just hit level 100 with my first character and thinking of trying the crucible and shattered levels, and I’d appreciate it if somebody could let me know if I need to hang back and grind ultimate for key gear or change my devotions first. I don’t expect any of those 5 minute runs or anything crazy, just want to get through it. Grimtools link below, but long story, is that I’m running a cold based infiltrator with dual wielding, and the aura buffs, link below to the character as she is right now (The Deathmark set is because I got really lucky in finding it today as like my second legendary recipe, and just ground for the materials to craft and transmute a bunch of helmets). Anyhow, if any of you who has done this could comment, whether this will be survivable or if I should hold off and try to farm something specific, I’d appreciate it.